What’s in the box?

The box contains the following components of the Maasc:

  • Maasc Powered Air Purifying Respirator

  • Silicone Facepiece (Seal) and dual/single filter gasket

  • 4x Particulate filters

  • Leakage test tool

  • Extras- USB cable, and Quick starter guide

For more details kindly refer to page 7 of the end user manual.

How do I use Maasc?
  • As instructed in the end user manual and place the seal as well as filter on Maasc device, and this is ready to go!

To know more refer to this video:

How to place the seal-

  • Adjust the neck strap according to your comfort.

To know more refer to this video:

How to assemble the PAPR neck strap-

  • Short press the power button beneath the filter, to turn on the Maasc. A short press (1 second) using the same button will toggle between speed 1 and speed 2. You can long press (3 seconds) the same button to turn off the Maasc.

  • For more details kindly refer to page 7-15 of the end user manual.

How often do I need to replace the filter?

This depends upon the ambient particulate concentration. We believe that in high dust environment the particle filter should be replaced daily. In less dusty environments the filter could last several days.

To know more refer to this video:

How to replace the filter-

What should I do if my Maasc malfunctions?

Take a short video with your cell phone and send it to, we will support you in understanding what the issue is about and provide you with the right fix. If not, we will proceed to the replacement as long as the product is under warranty.

Return & Refund
How do I clean my Maasc?

Wash gently with soap to clean the silicone seal/neck strap and wipe off the water, preferably using a microfiber cloth to not leave any fluff behind.

*Note: Do not use old T-shirts, towels, or paper towels, as these leave fluff behind. Only silicone could be cleaned with soap and water but not the main unit. Also, do not use cleaner containing ammonia or acetone.

Use a compressed air can to clean the unreachable areas. You can use a UV sterilizer to disinfect Maasc.

For more details kindly refer to page 24 of the end user manual.

What if my respirator needs repair or maintenance?

Kindly refer to end user manual page 46 if:

• The light blinks red and goes off

• The light turns yellow

• Maasc not starting with no light indications

• Maasc not fitting properly

• Leakage detected in the leakage test

In case of any other issue, kindly send us an email at

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for Maasc?

Yes, 1 year warranty.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my powered air purifier respirator?

As a certified distributor we can offer maintenance/refurbishing kits to replace/refurbish Maasc. This comes along with training and test equipment to ensure that the product is at the appropriate quality level. Individuals could purchase available consumables and accessories to replace as indicated in the End User Manual guide.

How do I choose the right powered air purifier respirator for my needs?

When selecting a powered air purifier respirator, it is important to consider key features that ensure optimal performance. Look for a respirator that offers superior comfort, a hypoallergenic silicone seal for gentle contact with your skin and offers compatibility with various PPE, including goggles. It should also offer the highest level of filtration, such as TM3 grade which is crucial for removing harmful particles from the air. A lightweight, silent, and compact design is desirable, especially for confined spaces and driving vehicles. Intelligent features like a filter change indicator add convenience. Finally, prioritize a design that enables full head and body mobility. A product that ticks all these boxes is—Maasc, the ideal powered air purifier respirator for your needs.

Can I clean and reuse the filter in?

Our Maasc is EN 12942 certified at the highest performance class TM3 or <0,05% of Total Inward Leakage or AFP 2000. We offer particulate filter P3 the highest protection against particles.

What kind of filters do you provide for Maasc?

The maximum recommended usage for the particulate filter is 30 hours under suitable conditions which is indicated by the LED turning yellow. Under tougher conditions, the filter may need to be changed more frequently. It is the users’ responsibility to define the frequency of change and write a schedule for filter change as per the local, state, and national guidelines.

For more details kindly refer to page 16 of the end user manual.

How often do I need to change the filter in Maasc?

No, the filter cannot be cleaned and reused. Kindly replace it. To know more about replacing the filter, kindly refer to the end user manual page 16-20. For more details kindly refer to page 16 of the end user manual.

Is Maasc certified?

Yes, our Maasc is EN 12942 certified at the highest performance class TM3 (EU Certification).

Why is it so important to have an airtight seal? And is it safe for my skin?

Having an airtight seal is important because it offers a higher level of protection against particles. There are two types of Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), the loose and airtight ones. The loose PAPR often come with a soft or hard hood and propose high airflows. The level of protection is at maximum of class TH3 with max. Total Inward Leakage of 0,2% or AFP 500. Maasc is an airtight PAPR TM3 or Total Inward Leakage of max. 0,05% or AFP 2000. In that regards airtight PAPR propose a way higher level of protection against particles. The hypoallergenic silicone we use is LFGB certified and thus does not contain any filler such as Phthalates, PVC, Latex, BPA etc. This is the safest material on the skin you can use.