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Usage of Maasc as a PPE in construction jobs

Maasc: Mask Up, Save Time, and Crush It!

From Hazard to Hero, Your Ultimate Companion

for Every Task

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Maasc is an innovative half-mask Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). This PAPR delivers the highest level of protection with an Nominal Protection Factor of 2000 or a total inward leakage < 0.05%. Maasc is a certified Powered Filtering Device EN 12942 TM3P R SL. TM3 filtering class stops most of pollutants at 99.95% such as smokes, aerosols, dust and viruses.

Certification for Maasc PAPR

Maasc is a PPE falling under the EU 425/2016 regulation. As such, this certified device was tested by accredited laboratory and validated by a Notified Body.

EU declaration of conformity to directives

Our EU Declaration of Conformity document affirms our adherence to the DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL. This directive revolves around consumer rights and the enhancement of consumer protection. Hence, we ensure that MAASC aligns with the highest standards of consumer rights and regulatory compliance.


" Our construction employees are much better protected using your respirator. We notice that the uptake of

PAPR has increased due to

the comfort of Maasc, as it is

easier to wear them for prolonged

periods of time. "

Client Testimonial by Oostendorp

" The ergonomics and the quality of the air

diffused were

unanimously approved

by the people who tried

your product. "

Client Testimonial

“ The Maasc will easily integrate with other forms of PPE due to its compact design meaning a wider scope of use. Although it is an electronic item its operation is both functional and intuitive. ”

Client Testimonial by Toil safe


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