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Maasc puts industrial-grade tech into a consumer-grade product

Maasc render top view Gunmetal Blue


We offer a secure and comfortable fit with soft and airtight seal to prevent the ingress of unfiltered air. With several sizes for a perfect fit and adaptable to different anthropometric face characteristics.​

Maasc render with BreatheEase fan technology


BreatheEase™ patented airflow system enhances breathing during exercise and exertion; delivering airflow at 35 L/min.​

Maasc render front view Gunmetal Blue


Replaceable particles filters, N99/CE FFP3 capable of filtering 99% of 0.15μm particles, that is 30 times smaller than a human hair. Activated-carbon gas filters capable of adsorbing NOx and SOx.​

Maasc render vertical BOM with functional legends
Tech spec wix update_tech specs_Wix version.jpg
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