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Air Pollution, the ‘slow motion’ pandemic.
Insidious and killing silently!

We must do our part to reduce the air pollution now! Until then, we should protect ourselves, especially in high-risk situations. Air pollution in our urban areas or in harsh working environments does not make any discrimination. You can be young, old healthy or not, air pollution is going to affect you. Yet, it is one of the most underestimated problem of our time. We are proud to deliver high-tech innovation to make our PPE safer, smarter, and efficient.

Air Pollution costs over the world in 2021, source The World Bank

When we think of air pollution, densely populated areas and heavy industries usually come to mind. But the situations we are exposed to are more common than you think.

Low-quality air can be devastating. From pulmonary and circulatory diseases to cancer, dementia, skin ageing, diabetes and reduced fertility.

Air Pollution figures in 2016, source World Health Organization

Maasc is the smart and comfortable mask that can help you in high-risk areas. By providing top-grade filtration, with our N99 | FFP3 air filter, and a soft-touch seal, it guarantees that the air that you are inhaling is rid of harmful substances and particles.

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