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Maasc Powered Respirator Presentation

Guide__1c_Bom exploded updated copy.png

Turning ON Maasc

Guide_2_Turn ON maasc.png

Turning OFF Maasc

Guide_3_Turn off maasc.png

Replacing the Filter

Guide_4_Changing Filter.png
Guide_5_Charging Maasc.png

Charging Maasc

Single Filter Gasket Vs Dual Filter Gasket

Guide_7c_Single Vs dual gasket Yellow.png

Installing Filters in Filter Gaskets

Guide_8b_Placing filter in gasket yellow.png

Placing the Seal

Guide__11b_Placing the Seal.png
Guide_10_Assembling neckstrap 1.png

Assembling the neckstrap

Guide_10b_Assemble neckstrap 2.png

Neckstrap with extra support

Guide_11_Extra accessory.png


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