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  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • How good are Maasc filters
    We work with World-class filtering media producers in Europe who respect the most drastic quality procedures to receive CE marking on their product. We have selected filters made of high density meltblown polymers to ensure the highest filtration efficiency with the lowest air resistance when inhaling through the material. These filters are electrostatically charged to enhance their filtration capability. The fine and some ultra-fine particles are attracted to the fibers of the polymer and get stuck in the filter. This material is manufactured in Europe and used by leaders of filtration in respiratory devices. We often categorize them as CE-FFP3 filters, as they are used in respirator devices certified to the EN149 standard for FFP3 grade. They are more efficient than the FFP2 filters recommended lately by most countries’ health organizations. The CE-FFP3 grade is the equivalent to the N99 grade in the US. These filters are the solution to offer protection against air pollution, cigarette smoke, and bushfire smoke. They are also a great when working in dusty environments while performing heavy duty activities, or practicing sport or intensive activities in polluted areas.
  • Why Maasc proposes Gas filters in addition to Particulates filters?
    As for the Particulates filters, we work with World-class filtering media producers in Europe. We have selected for Maasc the impregnated activated carbon filtering media covered of protection layers of spun bonds non-woven material. This Gas filter can filter coarse particles and block harmful Oxide Nitrogen (NOx) and Oxide Sulphur (SOx) toxic gases issued mainly from combustion engines. These pollutant gases are often responsible for dramatic respiratory issues and these Gas filters are extremely good at adsorbing these gases, through a phenomenon called chemisorption. The Gas filters were tested in an accredited laboratory, Fiatec, in Germany. Our CE FFP3/N99 filters are unbeatable to filter dust and small particles. With the optional addition of the activated-carbon Gas filters, you can also protect yourself from these toxic gases.
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