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Maasc is a personal powered air purifying respirator that makes breathing seamless!

Airflow system to enhance breathing

The patented BreatheEase™ fan system pulls air through a premium quality filter at a rate of 35L/min, constantly providing a supply of fresh filtered air. We propose you two speeds for when you are walking or practicing moderate exercise and for when you are working more intensively.

Maasc has a one-way airflow, which means the entrance and the end exhaustion of the air occurs separately.

  1. Air is sucked through the gas filter and particulates filter, eliminating particles and pollutant gases. The filtering surface is large to reduce the air resistance.

  2. Air passes through the fan and is inhaled to ease breathing.

  3. The fresh breeze of the airflow eliminates the nuisance of the exhaled air with excess heat and moisture and keeps expelling it out from the Maasc quickly through the exhaustion valve located on the bottom part. Even when the BreatheEase™ Fan is off the outlet valve safely closes when inhaling to allow you to inhale only filtered air.

High performance filtration

Maasc protects you from both small particles and toxic gases, with our double protection provided by the Particulates and Gas filters.
The electrostatically charged CE FFP3/N99 filter blocks 99% of particles down to 0.15μm. That's 30 times smaller than a human hair.


Additionally, the Activated-carbon Gas filter stops hazardous Sulphur Oxide and Nitrogen Oxide gases, as well as odors, something you usually only find in heavy-duty masks far beyond the price point.

Innovative high grade silicone airtight seal

We use only premium LFGB European food grade, safe non-toxic silicone with no fillers, BPA, BPS, PVC, Lead, Latex, Phthalates, or other micro-plastics. Hypoallergenic, Bacteria Resistant and Easy Cleaning. Anti-Slip, Unbreakable & Shock Resistant. Eco-friendly, Durable and Sustainable. This is the safest silicone in contact with your skin.

The LFGB CE food-grade silicone seal avoids leakage of air both inwards and outwards, avoiding the infamous foggy glasses and the ingress of unfiltered air. And more: the soft silicone is cool to the touch and won't mark your face. It seals surprisingly well even for the "beardy" gentlemen!

Integrated electronics enabling smart features

Maasc detailed BOM with technical features

Integrated computing power enables Maasc to control LED lights for communication with the wearer as well as for night visibility. After you set up the level of pollution of your area, Maasc's software computes the actual number of hours of usage with the airflow speed and the weight of particles that settle on the filter. As your filter reaches the end of its life, Maasc sends you an alert, letting you know it's time to replace the filter to keep your mask running optimally.  

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