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Maasc is lightweight, powered, airtight, and sturdy respirator!

Washing car with Maasc respirator to protect against chemicals and volatile pollutants
Tradesman grinding metal with Maasc respirator

Sanding, sawing, painting, spraying, varnishing, gardening…these activities release a huge amount of particulate matter and toxic fumes that are inhaled and absorbed by the body, leading to many health issues.

Tradesman soldering metal protected by Maasc respirator in high temperature environment

Ordinary masks are a hassle: they fog up your glasses or protective goggles, they are bulky and heavy, they dramatically reduce the air flow and, even worse, most don't offer the necessary protection.

Tradesman cutting wood in dusty environment protected with Maasc respirator

You might not need it all the time but for work that requires physical activity, this is the gear you need. We worked with it in context of high dust & temperature or in contact with chemicals.

Gardener spraying chemicals protected by Maasc respirator

Breathing is seamless while you can still count on the top-grade filtration performance!

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