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Guides to Download

Quick starter guide for Maasc PAPR

Begin your MAASC journey seamlessly with our Quick Starter Guide. This concise guide ensures an effortless start with your MAASC PAPR. It offers simplified step-by-step instructions for a quick setup, helping you get your respiratory protection up and running in no time.

Short manual guide for Maasc PAPR

Our Short Manual Guide provides a quick and convenient reference to get you started with your MAASC. Inside, you'll find essential information about your product and what's included in the box, ensuring a seamless setup experience. Get ready to embark on your respiratory protection journey with confidence.

End User manual for Maasc PAPR

The End user manual is a comprehensive resource designed to offer in-depth insights into the functionalities of MAASC. Delve into detailed explanations, tips, and troubleshooting solutions that empower you to explore the full potential of your device. Confidently navigate through various features and settings, enhancing your overall user experience.

Size guide for Maasc PAPR

Your perfect fit awaits with our Size Guide, exclusively designed for MAASC. This guide is your partner in selecting the optimal PAPR size, ensuring utmost comfort. With precise measurements and fitting recommendations, you can confidently choose the size that guarantees a snug and secure respiratory journey.

Product specifications for Maasc PAPR

Introducing the MAASC respirator – a leap forward in respiratory technology. Crafted with innovation at its core, MAASC ensures you're not just protected, but empowered. Its streamlined design marries comfort and function, allowing you to move freely in any environment. The MAASC's EN 12942 Class TM3 certification and Total Inward Leakage of < 0.05% guarantee top-tier performance. Join the future of respiratory well-being. Choose MAASC, where protection meets progress.

Maasc Powered Respirator Presentation

Guide_1b_Bom exploded updated.png

Turning ON Maasc & Toggle Speed of the Fan

Turn ON-Maasc-Instructions
Turn OFF-Maasc-Instructions

Turning OFF Maasc

Replacing the Filter

Replacing filter-Maasc-Instructions

Charging Maasc

Single Filter Gasket Vs Dual Filter Gasket

Single Vs dual filter gasket-Maasc-PAPR

Installing Filters in Filter Gaskets

Placing filter in gasket-Maasc-Instructions

Placing the Seal

Placing the Seal-Maasc-Instructions

Assembling the neckstrap

Assembling neckstrap-Maasc-Instructions
Assemble neckstrap for fit-Maasc-Instructions

Neckstrap with extra support

Extra support-Maasc-Instructions


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