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Personal Powered Air Purifying Respirator

We are currently running pre-certification tests to assess the indicators of safety and filtering efficiency. The results are promising! We want to certify Maasc for the top-level CE EN12942:1998 harmonized standard.

From day one, we have been serious about creating a Personal Protective Equipment company. Our mission is to deliver the safest, most comfortable and affordable powered respirator to enable mass adoption. The current top-grade respirators price point often forces people to use the less adapted solution to their needs, and we find that unacceptable. Comfort is not the first concern of masks manufacturers. With your comfort in mind, we have been developing Maasc for more than 3 years.

Certification EN12942 testing at EU accredited laboratory facility

Your safety is our “raison d’être”. After numerous iterations we developed the least bulky & lightweight powered respirator using flame resistant, sturdy, and soft-touch material. The material used is flame-resistant, which means it can even be momentarily exposed to direct fire with no risk of combustion. The silicone seal and straps are also resistant to high temperature and provide comfortable use, with equally distributed pressure through the soft seal.


Replaceable filters without plastic around account for part of the environmental concern. The embarked electronics enables smart capability to automatically alert you when to replace the filter based upon your environment and the usage of Maasc.


The use of replaceable and protected circuit Li-ion batteries against over charge, over discharge, short circuit and overheating was desirable since they are safer and easier to recycle. In compliance with the JEITA guideline (Japanese guideline for lithium batteries) the batteries charging mode is only allowed between 0°C and 45°C ambient temperature, again to increase your safety.


All the fastenings are removable as to separate each individual part for correct disposal at the end of the product cycle. The hidden button avoids the use of cables inside the mask, making it safer and sturdier. The magnetic USB cable permits free movements without danger of being caught up.

Drawings and 2D CAD files of Maasc mechanical engineering

Environmental commitments


Long-lasting design

Maasc is made with highly durable materials. Its frames and buckles are made of sturdy and high-density flame-retardant ABS & PC. The seal and neckstraps are made of CE LFGB food-grade silicone. These materials can resist extreme temperature and are classified V-0 according to the UL94 standard. As such, they resist high temperatures without leaking toxic chemicals. Our product is also modular, which mean you can easily replace parts if you need, granting it a long-lasting life cycle.

Reusability and recyclability

Maasc is reusable. You can replace the particulates filters and/or the gas filters without the need of any tool. We made sure there is no plastic rim around the filters, better for the environment. Also, the filtering media surface is optimized, and you recycle less material compared to a disposable mask that needs about three times more filtering media to operate. As Maasc has a smart function to automatically alert you when your filter is clogged and needs to be replaced, you only recycle filters when it is required – no more, no less. We decided to equip Maasc with protected rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries only. They are the safest on the market and are easy to procure. It is also easy to replace and recycle them. No one want to recycle a device with Lithium batteries inside! All the fastenings designed for Maasc are removable as to separate each individual part for correct disposal at the end of the product life.

Manufacturing Maasc with plastic injection and silicone moulding, fan winding and assembly, filter cutting with die cutting tooling, PCBA testing
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