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Small Package,
Big Punch! 

Your Ultimate Respiratory Companion

Neck strap for customised fit


The flexible and adjustable neck strap is a convenient accessory that allows you to wear Maasc around your neck comfortably. You can easily adjust the tightness and position of the respirator on your face, tailoring it to your individual preferences.


Tailor your MAASC to perfection with our Seal, available in large, medium, and small sizes. Say goodbye to discomfort as this LFGB-certified hypoallergenic silicone seal not only enhances the fit but also cares for your skin. Easily cleanable even in the dishwasher, it ensures reduced eyewear fogging and improved comfort to the next level.

Silicone seal for comfort
Single/dual filter gasket for filtration

Single/Dual filter gasket

The single filter gasket traps particles, while the double filter gasket adds protection against gases, allowing you to customize the level of filtration based on your specific needs. But there's more – these gaskets mean less plastic on your MAASC, making it lighter and environmentally friendly. It is also easily replaceable, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Particulate Filters P3

The 4X Particulate Filters are advanced filters, engineered to capture a wide range of airborne particles, including dust, smoke, pollen, and even microorganisms. The high-tech filtration technology meets stringent EN 12942 TM3 standards, offering top-tier protection in various environments.

Particulate Filter with high grade filtration technology
Gas filters

Gas Filters

Experience a breath of fresh air with our Activated Gas Filters. Designed to eliminate odours and nuisance NOx, Sox, and ozone concentrations, these filters ensure every breath you take is clean, pure, and free from unwanted scents and irritants.

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